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1 hour per week video session with a professional coach chosen in alignment with your personality; 2 hours per week self-directed exercises on our online platform.

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Take control of your career with Chance. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with our optimized online person-to-person coaching and thoughtful analytics so you can choose a job that deserves your talents. In 8 weeks. Guaranteed. How do we do it?

Optimized Coaching

Chance Career Services are designed with you in mind, using the latest insights of brain science to fully tailor the experience. Our algorithms determine the best coach, fit to your personality, and prioritize online skill-building exercises to ensure that time spent in each successive video-coaching session focuses on your unique needs. This is optimized coaching.

Job Exploration Engine

The job market is constantly expanding - impossible for anyone to master on their own. With Chance, your profile guides our use of technology to map the full range of characteristics and competencies employers are looking for. We use algorithms to reveal job options and horizon-broadening career paths for you. Your career powered by search analytics.

Navigate the Network

In the galaxy of professional networking, Chance gives you a compass to navigate your way to opportunity. You will learn how to target connections and experts, promote yourself to them, and gain inside information. You will be ready to ask them what a job is really like, how to find unpublished opportunities, and how to shine in the interview process. Most importantly, you will learn how to secure their referral to someone in their network - one of which needs someone just like you.


Candidate-to-job matching is certified against motivations, constraints, talents, and skills. Exponentially richer than a CV. The Chance label means quality - guaranteeing deep engagement and aligned skills - strong arguments that convince recruiters.

No Job? No Cost.

Like you, Chance is committed to your success - that is why we guarantee you will find a job that deserves your talents.

760 euros* to choose a custom-made job!

*Reduced prices and payment plans available if your most recent gross salary was under 1400 euros/month.

> 8 monthly payments of 95 euros/month

Get recruited or get reimbursed

Chance guarantees you will find a job for 3 reasons:

#1 - Thanks to our matching technology, Chance only recommends in-demand jobs where you live.

#2 - Chance leverages on its growing network whose members recognize Chance certification and guarantee access to job interviews. By crowdsourcing our networks, we are able to help Talents reach any job in France.

#3 - Since they know why the job is made for them better than 90% of candidates, Chance users shine during job interviews.

If, despite all this, you still can’t find what makes you fulfilled - a situation which hasn’t occurred yet - Chance will indeed give you your money back.

The Chance program allowed me to get to know myself better

Pauline, 28, Paris

Since I was a teenager, I dreamed about working in a big company, inspired, like many girls of my age, by the film "The Devil Wears Prada". Okay, fine, I didn't have Meryl Streep as a boss... But I was well paid, the company offered a lot of advantages and benefits (cinema tickets for €5.80 in Paris are a real gift) and my salary allowed me to repay my student loan and travel around the world during my holidays.

But the more I worked in this company, the less I felt inspired by what had motivated me two or three years earlier. I could no longer see the concrete impact of what I did on a daily basis, and I couldn’t see any exciting prospects for advancement.

I didn’t feel the same enthusiasm as when I started working and I was starting to wonder about my role in the company, and more generally in life. Beyond these professional concerns, I also wondered who I really was, what I loved. Was it that working in a large company wasn't made for me, or just that work was like that —not always fun and that I had to hang on for 30 years— because it wasn't that bad either? After all, it could have been worse! I felt that neither my employer nor the recruiters I met were on my side. This period of self-questioning was not their problem; it was no one's job to help me. I was alone with myself and my questions!

A friend told me about the Chance program, which she had gone through and I decided to sign up. During my self-reflection sessions, my coach Julie made me realize that what had led me to work in a large company was in fact my need for financial security. We started by refining my core aspirations together and I was able to reconnect with my earliest desires as a teenager. I realized that I had distanced myself significantly from them over the past few years and that this was a source of frustration for me. The Chance program allowed me to get to know myself better! I have to admit that the sessions are quite moving. There were definitely some tears shed, but fortunately also a lot of laughter! My coach managed to create a reassuring, cocoon-like setting in which I was the hero and could overcome everything. When I finished my sessions, I felt so much more motivated and I was ready to face any challenge that came my way. This introspection period produced in me a new proactive, positive mindset.

Once the introspection phase was over, the Chance algorithm made recommendations that were in line with my motivations, such as my desire to create more beauty in the world, but in a wide range of areas that gave me options to pick from. I was amazed by the accuracy of my profile and the relevance of the suggestions made to me! I hadn't expected such results from only 4 sessions with my coach!

Today I work in a small company, manage my projects from A to Z, and have improved my leadership skills by managing a team of 5 people.

Find a fulfilling job !

760€ (8 instalments - 95€/month)