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More than 10,000 people have already participated in Chance's online programs in the United States, Brazil and France. The 4th French edition of the Chance Program was launched in October 2018.

They believe in Chance

Pr. Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Chance honorary chairman

Françoise Gri

Ex CEO IBM France and Manpower France

Robert Dilts

Coach of Steve Jobs’ Board of directors at Apple

"Chance will become essential to allow everyone to build their career, putting happiness and personal achievement at the heart of the process, with guaranteed results!"

"By placing talents first and recruiting for companies second, Chance has drastically reversed the model! Find the real aspirations, reveal the particular talents and guide them to the best job, everyone says it but no one does ... except Chance!"

"It is time to refocus on our aspirations, what makes each of us fundamentally happy, and make our choices accordingly! Chance combines technology and psychology to enable everyone to progress towards their goal! It's unique in the world!"



In February 2019, the average satisfaction rate of our users was 92%! We put your happiness at the heart of our concerns. This is why the Chance program is guaranteed...

Recruited or Reimbursed!

8 weeks to a new life.

The programme

The Program: 3 weeks of introspection followed by 5 weeks of exploration.

We guarantee you will get the job you seek and we will reimburse you for the full cost of the program if you don't!

8 weeks to a new life.



"Chance, which wants to "reveal the potential of millions of young people around the world", has convinced Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus to become the company's Honorary President."

Les Echos

"Companies are struggling to find skilled young people, and they are struggling to bring out their qualities."


"With scientifically proven, robust tests, you can find out your professional profile, what motivates you, and what your strengths are."

Le Figaro

"Individual coaching (...) to help individuals enrolled in the program overcome psychological barriers"

Le Parisien

"With his partners, Ludovic de Gromard has created an online program for disadvantaged young people."

Economie Matin

"Chance can become a new demonstration of the remarkable model of the social business."

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Chance is a company involved in the social and solidarity economy. Chance aims at enabling everyone to find a job allowing him or her to grow.

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