Our vision

Chance wants identities to shine - it’s the light that makes both people and companies grow. We support you in your drive to identify, create, shape and pursue the right opportunities, carefully aligned with your individuality.

From the intuition of an experienced coach to a powerful network of connections, from applied data to the most advanced cognitive science, using an inside-out approach based on what makes you unique, Chance listens to you, explores, certifies, and helps you find the right job for you.

People are always saying that you are what you do. Are you ready to do what you are?

Chance. Do what you are.

They already recognize the Chance label, and are actively engaged as advisors and investors

From the business world:

  • - Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO EDF
  • - Henri Lachmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Schneider Electric
  • - Laurent Philippe, ex. CEO EMEA Procter and Gamble
  • - Stéphane Marnier, COO Marnier-Lapostolle
  • - Pascal Stefani, ex. CEO Advent International France
  • - Andrea et Roman Carel, Serial entrepreneurs
  • - Loïc de Gromard, Chairman Saverglass
  • - Emmanuel de Courcel, ex. CEO Europe L’Occitane
  • - Mario Chady, Co-founder Grupo Trigo/Spoleto
  • - BPI France Teams

From education, psychology and HR:

  • - Gilles de Robien, former French Minister of Education and President of the International Labour Organization (UN)
  • - Robert Dilts, World-class reference on coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • - Arantxa Balson, Head of HR at AccorHotels
  • - Jean-Christophe Sciberras, Head of HR France de Solvay, ex. President at ANDRH
  • - Michaela Horvathova, socio-emotional skills expert, consultant at OCDE
  • - Our rich community of partner coaches

From tech world:

  • - Elena Grewal, Head of Data Science at Airbnb
  • - Arnaud Ferreri, Director of Engineering at Instacart
  • - Mike Arcuri, Product Manager Plateform at Facebook
  • - Xavier Leclerc, ex. Head of Sales at Facebook France
  • - Olivier Mourier, Co-founder
  • - Riley Newman, first Head of Data Science at Airbnb
  • - Google Teams
  • - Facebook Teams
  • - Station F Teams

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Chance history

A chance meeting in Bangladesh in 2014 sparked the beginning of a long journey. On the day they met, Ludovic de Gromard and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus decided to create a social business that combined psychology and technology in career guidance accessible to all – breaking down the obstacles that kept people from achieving their economic and professional goals. Once Clémence Coghlan joined them, a company was born. They called it Chance.

Soon the company had people in three countries, with international professionals dedicated to helping people fill in the gaps in their profiles to meet the needs of the labor market. It enjoyed the technical and financial support of and grew quickly.

Then it hit a wall.

Why? Because Chance was supplying an employment market that allocated jobs to people like they were units of production, and was becoming just another recruitment company. On the other side of that wall came insight and growth. Today, Chance dedicates itself to helping people align with their motivations, constraints, talents, and skills, then supports them in finding roles aligned with who they are on the inside. We know we can help individuals redefine themselves, because we have done it for ourselves. We also know that when people work in harmony with who they are, the companies they contribute to thrive, too.

So a new Chance was born, one that Google, Facebook, world-class advisors, the French labor ministry, and international investors supported throughout the transition. One that leverages the best of technology in support of the best in people. Chance is reinventing the employment ecosystem by providing innovative career services because we know that the power of self-determination is true value creation. For everyone.

Chance Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 - Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Award (Latam)
  • 2018 - Featured at Aspen Ideas Festival, on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
  • 2018 - Grant winner
  • 2018 - Facebook Start-Up Garage Paris winner
  • 2018 - Recognized as "Jeune Entreprise Innovante" by the French government
  • One of top 6 initiatives in Education, at One Young World summit
  • Recognized as "Research Institute in Social Sciences" by the French government
  • Jury prize winner Social Entrepreneurship, BNP Paribas
  • Google Impact Challenge France winner
  • UC Berkeley Global Social Venture Competition, winner for France, global finalist

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